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In 1984, only 8.2% of households in the US-owned a personal computer, and the World Wide Web had yet to be invented. By 2000, 54 million households or 51% of US households had owned one or more computers. Gospel International was initially printed in 1993 and went on the world wide web in 1994 when the internet was virtually unheard of by modern-day consumers. The online publication was first seen by students and faculty at universities and colleges worldwide, enlisted and working people at major military posts and organizations worldwide, and corporations utilizing online sources.

Gospel International was the first online to feature audio and video presentations along with a 15 minute radio broadcast. The company suffered a severe online hack in 2000 in addition to the Gospel International name being sabotaged by hackers. Advertisers and subscribers pulled out and demanded their payments be refunded. Patiently awaiting the domain name to become available again from the hack, in 2007 Gospel International was able to once again secure the name and went online with Gospel International Video Magazine. Video on the internet was still in its infancy stage so this new form of exposure to the gospel music market was well received. GI’s goal was to provide quality reporting of gospel music and the people and places that made it happen.

Not having sufficient funding to maintain the production of each video presentation the online publication once again went off-line. Today Gospel International brings not only more Profiles of people in front of and behind the scenes, but more Good Gospel Gossip!, Music Reviews, On Air Personalities and what they are playing . There are lots of links to take you behind the scenes and provide greater close ups of Vip’s and Good Gospel Gossip info. The publication now features Lifestyle issues and concerns and provides a comment section for readers to communicate with GI. We are currently rebuilding our national church listing that features pastors and laymen and live praise and dance teams and choirs. Gospel International Presents its first live Dinner Concert, giving our fans an elegant evening out. Check it out on our EVENTS pages. Gospel International welcomes comments and suggestions from our readers as we create a broader and better experience on the Gospel International site for you.