Jaci Velasquez was born Jacquelyn Davette Velasquez on October 15, 1979, in Houston Texas. She is of Mexican, Spanish, French, Scottish, and Arab ancestry. Her parents were singers and pastors in an evangelical church and by the time she was nine, she started travelling with her father who was a full-time singing evangelist. The singer’s parents David and Diana Velasquez were not just evangelist ministers and musicians but singers who recorded albums with a Dallas-based gospel group known as the Galileans. Her mother was also a gospel singer and also retail clothing buyer.

The singer has acted in several films and has been featured in almost 50 magazine covers.

She has written up to three books so far and it was speculated that she started her own clothing line some years back.

She began her career journey in 1992 and it has been a pretty successful one because since then, she has sold almost three million albums in the U.S and has recorded three platinum and three gold albums. Velasquez has recorded 16 singles that made a hit on no.1 and also 6 others that were top 10.

Velasquez has received 7 Dove Awards; Premio lo Nuestro award; 2 Latin Grammy nominations; 3 Grammy nominations; 5 Latin billboard award nominations. Latin billboard nomination and has also be recognized by American music award nomination.

For more than half her life, multi-platinum-selling, Grammy nominated artist Jaci Velasquez has pursued an entertainer’s dream, recording albums in English and Spanish and performing on stages around the world. From her debut at age 16, she has leaned full-throttle into her God-given gifts, racking up 16 No. 1 hits, penning three books, acting in seven films, gracing 50 magazine covers and launching a non-profit clothing line.

She and her husband noticed their son, Zealand, had a medical challenge but it was made official when he was in 2nd grade. She was really down when she was told her son had autism but she eventually got through it.

She initially had dreams for him but that led to having new dreams for their son. Zealand is now proficient in music and plays the piano.


In 2017 she released the album, Trust. “Trust is an underlying theme for me as a wife and a mom,” says Jaci Velasquez. “You can’t have a relationship without trust. Like my husband and I, there are no secrets and we trust each other no matter what. The same is true with my relationship with Jesus.”

Her 2017 song “Rest,” a melodic ballad co-written with her husband Nic Gonzales (Salvador) and Greg Sykes, resonated with mothers and fathers who hit the ground running all day, every day. Sitting down at 10pm for her first meal of the day, looking at a 4:20am wake up time for the next day, Velasquez realized she hadn’t even talked to God all day long. “If I don’t rest, I’m just spinning my wheels,” she says of the song’s origins the next day. “It’s not going to mean anything unless I give it all to him.”

In 2021 Jaci re-released Un Lugar Celestial