Doc Lewis is a radio show host and personality at KFSR Radio, at Fresno State University in Fresno California. The station is streamed live online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. He released his book, Let Me Tell You My Story, in 2015.

Doc Lewis is a gospel singer and devoted husband. He is a friend, and a champion for anyone affected by so-called birth defects, and a child of God. He says, “I work. I play. I pray. I try to give of myself to others.”

The Doc Lewis Foundation operates as a public charity in support of individuals and families with disabilities. Their mission is to help lift the arms and spirits of people who have wonderful hearts and are working to overcome the challenges that have been set before them. He states, “Their success is our success. Their joy is our joy. This is our life’s work”. The Foundation relies on charitable contributions to operate and that financial support directly impacts how the mission is fulfilled.

In 2017 they were able to participate in the Winter Games in Austria and 2018 at the USA Games in Seattle. Their volunteer work with the Special Olympics Continued in 2019 at the World Summer Games in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Why does he do it? Doc says in his book, “I was born [prematurely] at only five months, that’s four-month premature with a birth weight of just eight ounces. The doctors pronounced me as “brain dead.” My grandmother, who was a praying grandmother, told the doctors to hold on, and leave me right there in the hospital. She then gathered all of the family and they offered a prayer on my behalf. Nine hours later, they heard my first cry. And the doctors went to work. I was later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which many consider being a handicap. But my grandmother and my family were determined that it would not be a handicap for me. And I was determined as well. And so it began. A journey of trial and adversity tempered with blessings from the Lord. “