“Things The Covid-19 Pandemic Demanded From Us”

It has been seven months since the way we live and how our nation operates, suffered an abrupt immediate change due to a Pandemic. We are living history that is being documented minute by minute. Generations that are not even born yet shall read about our plight with Covid-19.

 In our country we are very much spoiled. No matter how much data is collected on a subject, future predictions of a possible occurrence or prophecy, our actions have shown that we have the mentality that we will not be affected.

Covid-19 is like an enemy that cannot be seen physically, has multiple identities, infiltrates air, land and living organisms and will be fatal if not taken seriously or qualified medical help is not sought.

 Following are three things the Covid-19 Pandemic demanded from us:


  When the Pandemic first hit most did not take it serious. We went about our merry way feeling it was a new form of the flu that needed some strong antibiotics and a doctor’s prescription. That is until recovery periods from this new flu went from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to not recovering at all and that is when we recognized this is not just the flu. Tell us the truth.  We then became familiar with the names Covid-19, Corona Virus and the power they have to bring the world under a new order.

CDC Guidelines


Life as we knew it was halted. How we interacted with family, friends, and associates changed. A handshake, a hug, a face-to-face conversation became dangerous according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization). Temporarily no assembling for Corporate Worship in the Church building,

all social activity ceased in the city, freeways were clear at rush hour, the funeral experience was so abnormal that you cried not only because of the deceased but because we weren’t allowed to do it our proper way.

Grocery stores became our gathering place, getting gas was fun, people looked forward to going to the doctor because these essential places allowed you to have a reason to get away from “The Shelter in Place”, “Safer At Home” mandate. It demanded that families in one household spend time together we slowed down, we became more serious about our health and safety, we started cooking our own food, we saved money, we began to value the small things, we valued each other more, it reminded us to keep fighting and marching because the struggle continues still in the midst of a Pandemic and even God began to get more attention from us and so many other things.


After the realization that the Pandemic would not be leaving anytime in 2020 we have had to re-educate ourselves on the type of new normal we can safely and effectively operate in. We cannot stop living life nor can we walk around in fear. Therefore we are learning to integrate virtual and digital forms of communication as a major part of our reality and everyday life. A mask is not an option but a necessary part of our daily attire. Creativity and innovation will become our best friends because this is our first experience in a Pandemic and there are no models for us to follow. Trust God and your instincts. Discern between what is relevant and what is rhetoric. Stay updated or we’ll find ourselves outdated.


Dr. Susie Jones