Prayze N Prayer Books

Prayze N Prayer Books are designed to promote mental and spiritual wellness. Many of the books, designed, illustrated, and created by Dr. Joyce Logan, contain prayers that can be used as personal affirmations. The act of coloring can reduce stress and have a calming influence. Instead of letting yourself be overwhelmed by the things that are causing you stress, you can set them aside and take an art break. The FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT coloring book and Sermon/Bible Study notebooks come in a compact 6X9 for ease of carrying or placing in a purse.

The Personal journals promote mental and spiritual healing as the writer recounts events thoughts or goals within the pages. Journaling Provides Mental Clarity. Journaling Builds Self-Awareness. Journaling Relieves Stress. Journaling Develops Emotional Intelligence. Journaling Enhances Creativity. Journaling Improves Problem-Solving Skills and Journaling Reduces Health Issues.

The Monthly/Weekly Budget Planners help You Work Toward Long-Term Goals, Can Keep You from Overspending, Make Retirement Saving Easier, and help you Prepare for Emergencies, Can Reveal Spending Habits.

Although the books are geared towards adults, children aged 12 and up can benefit.

Order your copies today and experience calming peace, relaxation, mental and spiritual growth, and financial stability. Items usually bought together are Colored pencils, recommended to prevent bleed, or gel pens which can also be used for more vibrant colors in the coloring books. To provide even greater relaxation while using your books try adding a lap table while sitting on the sofa or in your favorite chair.


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