Da Chozen Brothaz or better known as D.C.B is one of the pioneers of the new wave sound of Quartet which is known to be called Quartemporarry which basically mixes Quartet, contemporary, and neo-soul all into one genre of music. Established in 2010 Da Chozen Brothaz started as a jam session in the studio while waiting for another artist to arrive. The group jokingly recorded a song entitled “Stop By Here” and just let a few friends and family members hear it and they shortly after began to get performance bookings, causing the group to become more serious about being a highly recognized group.

D.C.B came on the quartet scene at a pivotal time for the genre, due to the evolution of quartet music. They were inspired by such groups as The William Singer’s, The Soul Seekers, and The True Believers. As the sound of quartet begin to evolve it became easy for D.C.B to take more musical and vocal risks to appeal to a new generation of listeners as well as the existing fans of the culture.

D.C.B released there freshman project in 2012 entitled “The D.C.B Xperience” which introduced them to the world, giving them a unique sound; a different approach to quartet. The group started traveling quite frequently and shared the stage with such gospel greats as Shirley Ceasar, Kierra Sheard, The Canton Spirituals, Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC’S, Spencer Taylor and The Highway QC’S, The William’s Brothers, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The William Singer’s and the list goes on and on.

After extensive travel the group started working on their sophomore project in 2014. It took them two years to complete and became their broader breakout in the industry. In 2016 D.C.B II: The blueprint of D.C.B was released which charted Billboards and also earned them a Stellar nomination.

The group’s greatest achievement to date was being nominated for Quartet of the year and also performing on the main stage of the Stellar awards for a tribute to Spencer Taylor and The Highway QC’S.

Spencer Taylor

The group also arranged and produced the track that was performed along with Keith Wonderboy Johnson and Doug Williams.  

Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson
Doug Williams

DCB III recently released their highly anticipated project entitled Da Chozen Brothaz: The book of DCB-Chapter III.

This project is so diverse and shows the diversity of DCB. From hard-core quartet to worship to quartemporary to neo-soul, to old school church.

Da Chozen Brothaz project has comprised a storyline with this amazing project. The group is comprised of Isaac “Bam” Richardson, CaDarius Price, Ejay Scharkley, Dontavious Cook, and Eric Darrett.