At the age of 13, Derek Smith encountered a throat condition that threatened his ability to sing and talk.  His parents took him to doctors and specialists.  One doctor told his parents that he would not live, and a specialist told them he wouldn’t sing again.  But through prayer and faith, the family trusted God for the healing, and God restored the gift; his voice back to him.

 A couple of years after graduating from school, he moved to Tampa FL, where he began to put his fingerprint on his music career.  In 2006, he formed SKD Entertainment.  SKD stands for Sumthin’ Kinda Different.  SKD Entertainment provides the ultimate experience in Gospel, Jazz, Blues, and R&B and has 4 major components: (1) Production House—-Jingles, Commercials, and CD projects for Clients. (2) Record Label——Currently 3 artists (Derek The Change Man Smith, Deacon Otis Wicknine, and Lady J The Queen). (3) Academy——–Boot Camp styled curriculum to assist the artist in creating a  synergistic plan and master the art of presentation through Artist Development. (4) Venue——SKD Entertainment Soundstage- a small intimate venue for artists to host CD Releases, Concerts, Showcases, and more.

Derek “The Change Man” Smith got his name after he released a single entitled “Change”.  He thought it was a corny handle and laughed it off, until the nation started calling him “The Change Man” and jokingly, that’s when he started to embrace it.

During the journey, he discovered purpose in both the name SKD Entertainment and Derek The Change Man Smith.  For SKD, he discovered that he was truly Sumthin Kinda Different, for his style that includes R &B, Soul, Gospel and the Anointing all wrapped up into one was fresh and well received by all who heard him.

“A Change Agent”- is who he found his authentic identity to be.  As he toured consistently for over a decade throughout the world, God began to press upon him, that his assignment was much bigger than just being a successful Professional Recording Artist.  He could see the hurt and emptiness in the world and most shockingly within the leaders and ministers that were in front leading the people.

In 2018, God made it clear that he was to move into the office of Pastor.  He thought the Lord would take his position of Recording Artist off the table, but just the opposite happened.  He was launched even further and the opportunities and exposure increased.


He has had the privilege of sharing the stage with his idols of several genres.  Some legends include The Canton Spirituals,

The Canton Spirituals

The Mighty  Clouds of Joy, Shirley Caesar, 

The Mighty Clouds of Joy
Shirley Caesar

Betty Wright, Shirley Murdock, Angie Stone, Steve Harvey and more.

Betty Wright
Steve Harvey

During the pandemic of COVID-19 he released a video of one his characters, Deacon Otis Wicknine & the Starlight Echoes. The song was entitled “Don’t Let the Corona Get On Ya”.  The video garnered 2million views in 1 week. 

It also got the attention of Whoopi Goldberg who played the video on the hit show “THE VIEW”.  Deacon Wicknine and The Echoes, are becoming a universal favorite and making people laugh while giving wisdom and Public Service Announcements.

This dynamic songwriter, vocalist, entertainer, director, developer, actor, and Pastor is bound to turn up in your city with an event that is part revival, therapeutic, and very entertaining.

CEO, Derek Smith


CEO, Derek Smith
CFO, Rosalyn Johnson
2501 N. Armenia Ave Tampa, Fl. 33607