GI went into the storage closet and look what we found…..blasts from the past….does anyone remember these folks

GI interviews Donald Lawrence – 1999 – New Orleans GMWA


GI brings you Live videos that will give you the opportunity to know more intimately the pioneers; veterans, movers, and shakers in the gospel music industry.

Pres Blackmon Interview Pt-1

Pres Blackmon Interview Pt-2

Our first VIP veteran is Dr. Pres Blackmon, an announcer and concert promoter based in Los Angeles, California, interviewed by GI’s Dr. Susie Jones in a 2-part series. Watch this in-depth interview as GI delves into his music industry journey along with LA’s gospel music scene history.

Alternately , you may listen to the entire 2-part series via the audio file below.

Pres Blackmon interview Pt 1 and Pt 2 combined – Audio Only